UL Safety Index

Building a safer world by linking data to action.

The UL Safety Index is an algorithm-based data science initiative that provides information to make decisions for improved safety and wellbeing. UL has undertaken this initiative to foster safe living and working conditions through the application of science to solve safety, security and sustainability challenges. To increase safety among the countries of the world, we must address safety as a system. Socio-economic factors, policies and programs are all necessary to improve safety. The UL Safety Index quantifies the relative state of safety for more than 180 nations. Access data through a map of the world to explore and analyze safety. Comparisons of the safety data can be made to identify opportunities for sharing policies and programs among governments, NGO’s and safety professionals. Country and theme pages provide specific information and resources for research and policy analysis. To learn more, read the WHITE PAPER.

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Safety is a global health issue. Without global safety, there can be no global health.



The traditional model of safety improvement relies on specific interventions for known hazards. Reliance on this method alone only achieves incremental improvements. However, social and economic environments exert real and lasting effects on health, safety and wellbeing. By addressing societal drivers of safety – such as education poverty and regulatory protections – in addition to specific programs, rapid improvements in safety can be achieved on a national scale.

Explore the Index

Using the interactive safety map, one can quickly gain a perspective on the relative state of safety of one or more countries. Click on a country to view its UL Safety Index value, relative status to other countries, gain access to the full data and make informed, predictable and sustainable decisions.


While in the Full Data view, one is taken to a country specific page that provides an overview of the data, time-series history of the index and supports deeper analysis at the driver and indicator level. Brief analysis, supporting input data and global rankings are also provided. Related research, policies and intervention summaries are linked to the country and theme pages, helping to connect data to action.

Compare Peer Groups

Create detailed comparison tables of the UL Safety Index, supporting drivers and indicators using the Compare feature. An unlimited number of countries can be viewed side-by-side and the comparison table can be downloaded for offline reference and analysis to support more informed decisions.

Explore the UL Safety Index through maps and graphs, access each country’s Safety Index, the supporting data, and adjust the underlying indices to see how countries measure up to one another and where there are opportunities to improve worldwide safety.