UL Safety Index generates international interest

Opens doors to new partnerships

The UL Public Health and Safety Team continued its outreach efforts on the UL Safety Index in September through a series of presentations and meetings.On September 20, we presented the UL Safety Index to the Society for the Advancement of Injury Research (SAVIR) annual meeting in Ann Arbor, Michigan. SAVIR is an organization of university, government and other researchers dedicated to evidence based approaches to reducing the burden of injuries from both intentional and unintentional sources. The presentation sparked discussions with representatives of Drexel University and Johns Hopkins University about additional indicators and data sets to strengthen the Index.

On September 21, David Wroth presented the UL Safety Index to the 4th European Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion, sponsored by EuroSafe and Veiligheid NL. EuroSafe is the European association for injury prevention and Veligheid NL is the consumer safety institute of the Netherlands. Presented at the historic Royal Industrial Club in Amsterdam, the UL Safety Index opened doors for exciting discussions about further partnerships between UL and EuroSafe, as well as access to the European Injury Data Base (IDB) researcher data set, which includes additional detail on products involved with injury in the EU. Mads Realmuto, UL Government Affairs Manager, was instrumental in establishing our relationship with EuroSafe and is very encouraged by our progress during the meeting.

Finally, the UL Public Health and Safety team met with Consumers International to discuss their role as a data provider to the UL Safety Index, and this resulting in a wide ranging conversation with their Director General about new areas of collaboration with UL, including topics of the "connected" consumer, sustainability and the circular economy and product safety schemes. Consumers International is a member-based organization with more than 200 member organizations worldwide.