Consumer Protections


An important policy component that impacts safety is the presence of consumer protection measures. These measures include the adoption of product standards, the clear marking and labeling of products, market monitoring and surveillance schemes, recall programs and oversight by regulatory agencies. The absence of these consumer protection mechanisms can expose people to the hazards of unsafe products, leading to injuries and even death.

Consumers International (CI) is a world federation of consumer groups that represent consumer interests through a variety of organizational models, including non-profit advocacy, political action groups, and government agencies. In partial fulfillment of its mission, CI conducts a regular survey of its members to assess the state of consumer protection measures around the world. UL has analyzed CI Consumer Protection Survey data and has developed a consumer protection indicator (CPI) based on the presence of specific mechanisms that CI deems important in protecting consumers’ rights and safety. Under the UL Safety Index, countries are awarded points for implementing the mechanisms identified by CI.

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